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It's time for a better view on video compression.


At Two Orioles, we’ve been at the forefront of video compression innovation for over 15 years, and continue to set new standards with the latest EVE (Efficient Video Encoder) for VP9. This encoder implementation for VP9 can bring you high-quality video with smaller files and faster delivery.


Why EVE for VP9?


Visually Stunning Video

EVE-encoded videos look sharper and more vivid than those encoded with libvpx, x264 or x265.


Better Compression

20% better compression than libvpx at 20% faster speed. 10% better compression than x265 at 25% faster speed. And compared to x264, EVE is up to 50% better.

Faster speeds with multi-threading support

With EVE, you can count on the full support of multi-threading, which increases encoding speed exponentially.


Get the full picture on VP9

To efficiently meet the booming demand for high quality video streaming, more companies are choosing VP9. It offers dramatically improved compression standards over H.264, and playback is widely supported by today’s generation of mobile devices and browsers. When used with our advanced encoder EVE, VP9 gives you a clear choice for visually stunning results and faster video streaming.


What we offer

With our proven products and expert consulting services, we’re always ready to help you optimize your video streaming.


Initial Deployment
We’ll do everything it takes to ensure that your video streaming solution gets up and running smoothly and seamlessly. 

Ongoing Support
Even after your streaming solution is up and running, we’ll provide regular software updates and ongoing maintenance to make sure it's always optimized even as your needs change.



We specialize in helping companies optimize their online video streaming output. We provide onsite consulting service on VP9, FFmpeg/ffvp9, and libvpx. 

However you stream videos, we can help you do it faster, more efficiently, and with higher quality.




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