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EVE for VP9


EVE for VP9

Maximize the capabilities of VP9 for your video streaming.

As a new compression technology, VP9 has the potential to change the game for video streaming. It offers 50% better compression than 15-year-old H.264, and it's supported by the latest generation of mobile devices. Yet, VP9's prevalent encoder, Libvpx, is perceived as slower, blurrier and not as visually compelling as H.264's encoder, x264.

EVE for VP9 changes all of that.


Visually Stunning Videos

The first thing that will blow you away about EVE (Efficient Video Encoder) is the video quality delivered by this VP9 encoder. With a  rate control that adheres closer to target rate than libvpx, EVE-encoded videos look sharper and more vivid than those encoded with libvpx or x264. These aren't just statistical improvements, they're differences you'll see in every high quality VP9-encoded video.


Better compression

EVE for VP9 provides about 10% better compression than libvpx at 20% faster speed. And compared to H.264's encoder, EVE is up to 50% faster.


Faster speeds with multi-threading support

With EVE, you can count on the full support of multi-threading, which enables you to reduce overall runtime by using multiple cores/CPUs on a server to encode video simultaneously.


Ongoing support

Even after your streaming solution is up and running, we’ll provide regular software updates and ongoing maintenance to make sure it's always optimized even as your needs change.


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