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Our Story 2018

Helping build the future of video compression.


Yes, we admit it: we're technology freaks. Specifically, video technology freaks. Having been at the forefront of video streaming compression software for more than 16 years, we help companies optimize their online video streaming output.

We eat, breathe and dream this stuff. Always thinking of ways to change the game in video streaming. Never settling for just piecing together existing technologies, but instead creating new technologies that can fundamentally advance the way we all use the internet.


Let’s start from scratch.

Building video technology from the ground up is what we do. Because that’s the only path to dramatic improvements in video streaming. So the compression techniques we’re working on today are not only improving online video streaming on TVs and handheld devices, they could also be laying the groundwork for major advances in such areas as virtual reality or live telecasting.

We’re helping to make the promise of AV1 a reality.

We developed the industry's first commercial use encoder for AV1, which promises to be the first true video compression standard thanks to its broad support, dramatic productivity gains and high video quality. As part of our EVE (Efficient Video Encoder) family, EVE for AV1 is in beta testing with several major video industry players, and is helping deliver tomorrow's video standard today.

We know VP9 inside and out.

Our founder, Ronald Bultje, was a lead developer on the Google team that designed VP9. So much so, that he officially introduced VP9 to the world.


Ronald was also among the authors of the scientific paper introducing VP9. In addition, he is the primary author of the VP8 and VP9 decoders in FFmpeg, which are the fastest decoding implementations for their formats. He also made significant contributions to the H.264 decoder. 

A fertile ground for ideas.

Think of us as a lab for multimedia ideas and experimentation. A place where tech mavens and researchers come together to develop next generation video technologies. A place where we'd be exploring groundbreaking video technologies even if we weren’t paid for it.

So if your business would benefit from today’s optimal video compression solutions, count on the people who continue to create today's standards.